Detailed Access Instructions

Up until now, purchasing steel has always been a 20-30+ minute drive, then you wait on a sales rep, then he sends you to the warehouse to wait for a picker, then you wait to be loaded, then you go back in the office to pay, and finally you leave with your steel 1+ HOURS LATER!


Here you shop online, pay online, and your order is ready for you to pick up 24/7! 

24/7?? Like after 5pm? on Saturday? Sunday? Thanksgiving weekend? YESS!! You don't have to wait on anybody but yourself. No pre-order, no planning 2 days ahead, no forgotten orders, no waiting for delivery drivers to arrive! 

The Steel Box just changed the game FOREVER!

Detailed Instructions:

1. Choose The Steel Box location you want to pickup from

2. Shop Materials Online

3. Complete Checkout

During checkout you can choose to have your access code texted to you. Simply agree to SMS messaging and enter your phone number to have your access code emailed AND texted to you.

4. Check Your Email/Texts

After checking out you will receive two separate emails: one confirming your purchase and the other with your access code. Both will have your access code on it, but the second email is a little more clear. If you don't see the email come through, check your junk mail!

4. Head To Your Pickup Location

5. Enter Your Access Code

Once you get to the conex (all locations are marked with The Steel Box signage), enter your access code on the keypad and unlock the front of the conex.

6. Gather Your Materials

Inside each conex we have a "map" of the material location so you can easily find the correct material.

We monitor our inventory regularly and we have records of each access code's user. If any material goes missing that was not purchased, you WILL be held responsible for the cost and banned from purchasing from The Steel Box in the future. You can view the User Agreement here.

7. Lock-Up

After you have gathered your purchased materials, it is CRITICAL that you make sure to lock-up properly. As mentioned previously, any material that is missing after an access code has been used will be the responsibility of the person who purchased the access code. That means if you forget to lock-up and some stranger snags some steel, YOU will be held responsible.