Detailed Access Instructions

1. Shop Materials Online

While visiting, add all the materials that you need to your cart.
You'll ultimately choose your pickup location once you hit the checkout process, but make sure to pay attention to the inventory amounts at the location you are intending to purchase from. This is displayed on each product page.

2. Complete Checkout

As mentioned above, when you head to finish the checkout process, you will select the pickup location. This is important, as access codes are not interchangeable for pickup locations!

After selecting your pickup location, finish the checkout process.

3. Check Your Email

After checking out you will receive two separate emails: one confirming your purchase and the other will contain your access code. If you don't see the email come through, check your junk mail!

4. Head To Your Pickup Location

You can go to the pickup location you selected during checkout at any time. We recommend you have your Order confirmation and Access code handy, that way you can make sure you are collecting the correct materials and are able to access the Connex easily.

If you forget the location for pickup,  you can check your Order Confirmation email for the address or check our location page.

5. Enter Your Access Code

Once you get to the Connex, simply enter your access code on the keypad on the front of the Connex to gain access.

6. Gather Your Materials

As mentioned above, we recommend having your order confirmation handy, so that you know exactly what materials you paid for. We monitor our inventory regularly and we have records of each access code's user. If any material goes missing that was not purchased, you WILL be held responsible for the cost and banned from purchasing from The Steel Store in the future.

7. Lock-Up

After you have gathered your purchased materials, it is CRITICAL that you make sure to lock-up properly. As mentioned previously, any material that is missing after an access code has been used will be the responsibility of the person who purchased the access code. That means if you forget to lock-up and some stranger snags some steel, YOU will be held responsible.

Here is the proper lock-up procedure:

  1. Close the doore
  2. Latch the handle
  3. Select "Kwikset" on the keypad
  4. Watch that the deadbolt fully engages